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December 2012

New statues are here and in the water! 28 beautiful new children!!

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After 18 months of fundraising and the last few weeks of hard work the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Management group (GUSMI) has successfully landed, launched and placed the new statues underwater.  Led by GUSMI superstar Howard Clark from Grenada Seafaris and helped by many many many others Eco Dive has been proud [...]

October 2012

Dragon Bay Schools of Fish Video :)

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Yesterday during the underwater clean up dive in our Marine Protected Area Eco Dive divers were spoiled with some great marine life including the large school of jacks being chased through shallow water .... a great reminder why the ocean needs protecting and cleaning.  Thanks to all dive association members, the [...]

July 2012

PADI Green Star Award!

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We are happy to share with you that Eco Dive is the first dive centre in Grenada to achieve the PADI Green Star Award for environmentally conscious business practices, contributions and forward planning.  We are by no means perfect but we are making efforts and moving forward!  Thank you to our [...]

May 2012

October 2011

September 2011

Project AWARE International Clean-up Day Success!

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Yesterday members of the Grenada Scuba Diving Association kicked off International Clean-up Day activities with what will be the first underwater clean-up in a month of land, coastal and underwater efforts.  Launching from Eco Dive representatives from Scuba Tech and Native Spirit Scuba joined us along with GBN (Grenada Broadcasting Network), [...]

August 2011

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