November 2023

A guest’s view … one of the first to see the new underwater sculptures in Grenada, a video tour

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  With the new sculptures in (see our last post 😉 ) we are off to the races and the experiences are individualised based on the guest, their activity (scuba or snorkel or Freedive) & Mother Nature. Check out his fun video made by our lovely guests Debbie and Hugh from last [...]

New Sculptures in the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park!

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Sending a big shout out to all of Pure Grenada on the launch of the 31 new sculptures in the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park representing new works by the renowned Jason Taylor & four brand new pieces by local artist Troy Lewis. The brand new feature piece Coral Carnival by Jason [...]

July 2023

October 2018

MV Tyrrel Bay – NEW Shipwreck diving

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On Sept 25th after years of planning and a village of support the Tyrrel Bay is now a shipwreck for freedivers, beginner divers and advanced divers and specialty divers in training to share! A huge accomplishment for Grenada and an excellent example of private public partnership AND a commitment to our [...]

August 2018

August 2017

June 2017

Underwater Proposal at Eco Dive, Congrats Kezia & Kote!

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We would like to congratulate and send all of our best wishes for a long and happy life together to Kezia & Kote who joined us for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience programme in Grenada recently. With the big surprise and decisions made privately the lovely couple took their news [...]

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