Sending a big shout out to all of Pure Grenada on the launch of the 31 new sculptures in the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park representing new works by the renowned Jason Taylor & four brand new pieces by local artist Troy Lewis.

The brand new feature piece Coral Carnival by Jason DeCaires Taylor includes 25 fascinating, beautiful, detailed carnival characters depicting the history and highlighting some of the diversity and beauty of Spicemas via the iconic Jab Jab, the spooky Vecko (Vieux corps), Wild Indian, the traditional Shortknee, and the beautiful Pretty Mas. These sculptures were moulded from, and represent Grenadians through and through and add a magnificent addition to Grenada’s Sculpture Park.

These Coral Carnival pieces have been painted in a calcium carbonate based paint and tinted with organic and natural dies such as squid ink to provide colour, depth of character and individuality. As is expected the sculptures with overgrow with natural marine life bringing these characters to life.

To Round off  Jason Taylor’s new addition are a new Unstill Life and an update on the Lost Correspondent, both longterm pieces in the park now with a fresh face.

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The final 4 new additions to the park were completed by Troy Lewis, the artist behind the existing Christ of the Deep, Mermaid and Petroglyphs. These four new pieces include an endangered Leatherback Turtle highlighting Grenada’s primary nesting Sea Turtle (Levera Beach April – July, for more info contact Ocean Spirits), a LaDiablesse (local folklore with a great story be sure to ask our team members), Mama D’Leau or Mama Glo (protector and healer of the river creatures), and a Bele or Belair Dancer (Caribbean folk dancer). These four pieces are a beautiful addition for scuba divers and snorkelers to the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park and showcase the creativity and talent of our beautiful Pure Grenada.

Stay tuned to our social media pages for updates, images, and enjoy the settling in and transition of these living art pieces with us.

Lots to see and lots to explore. Updates to come over the next few weeks, stay tuned on our social media pages to see the snippets as they settle in and we get to sneak peeks with our guests.


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