Divers needed, join us 😎!!
Sunday March 17th we are putting a new spin on everything 🍀 green and rallying our fellow conservation scuba peeps to join us for a clean up effort in our Molinere Beauséjour Marine Protected Area MBMPA with a focus on Dragon Bay
YES we hear you and see you 😉 our eco divers! Thank you 🙏🏽 to our divers who have already been helping little bit by bit on every dive and asking us for this location as a team effort clean up so let’s get after it.
It will be a beautiful morning of reef diving & reef diving/sand patch diving and sea grass diving with a purpose. Eco will have mesh bags, boat bins, scales, data slates, some gloves (bring if you have!!) and all the enthusiasm.
Come ‘treasure’ hunting & critter diving with us and help do more than just dive Saturday March 17 9 am – 1 pm
RSVP 🌎 🇬🇩