Eco Dive has committed to further our environmental prioritisation in business operations with the addition of a GreenFins membership! This organisation speaks the ECO language (and Pure Grenada vibes) for what Eco Dive represents. Green Fins offers a new community and opportunity to network, educate, uplift and make changes that will encourage ourselves and our divers to stay on task with ocean conservation and protection at the forefront of our excursions. We truly believe we are beyond lucky to be able to do what we do and we would love to do it forever more … but for that we are committed and know that small changes from all of us all the time is the only way. So, join us on the GreenFins journey, check out their organisation and ask us on the boat or in office about how WE and YOU can continue to be the ocean conservation rockstars and awesome humans we know you want to be!

Thank you @PADIaware @PADI @Green_Fins for supporting our dream and goals or making the dive sector not only sustainable but beneficial to our ocean planet! Thank you always and of course to our sister shop and fellow ECO warriors @BarbadosBlue for being awesome humans over on your trocical rock too 😉

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Eco Dive Grenada – Green Fins Certificate of Membership