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A dazzling aquarium of tropical fish and brilliant coral (including lots of soft corals) thrive on our reefs. The underwater kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and textures, swirling with countless adult and juvenile fish species makes for a great experience.

We offer a variety of options for all levels and we love to cater our tours to suit our guests. With two boats and a preference for small groups and personalized service, we have the flexibility to help you plan the best trip.

Get in touch in advance and let us make your vacation, a trip you won’t forget here on the beautiful Isle of Spice, Grenada.

A group of statues under water in the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park.
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When it comes to fantastic Caribbean Scuba Diving, Grenada has it all. Whether shallow or deep; over wrecks, walls or gorgeous reefs; in calm waters or drifting through swift Atlantic currents, Grenada’s Scuba Diving is sure to please divers of every level of expertise.

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Home to the National Geographic acclaimed Wonder of the World – the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park – and its neighbouring reefs in our Marine Protected Area, we offer guided snorkel tours for all ages and experiences.

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Traveling with groups of 2 or more, combination of divers and snorkelers in your group, looking to have a private charter experience or need more information on dive and stay packages, let us help you plan the perfect holiday trip.

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