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Welcome to Eco Dive! Our diverse and local team of professional and experienced PADI instructors, snorkel guides and boat captains provide our guests with the highest quality service. With some old familiar faces (Norlyn, Ron, Wayne, Christine, Hansel, Andre, Denny) and always some new team members as well (Shevon, Dexton, Liz & Antonio) we are here to help. Check out our video with a little clip on our team and some of our surface interval activities. Pure Diving in Grenada is pretty sweet!

Fun, knowledgeable and attentive, we are ready to welcome you to the beauty of our Spice Island paradise!

A group of people on a kayak near the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park.

Get to Know Us

CHRISTINEOwner & Manager
An IDC Staff Instructor, Christine took over Eco Dive Grenada in 2013. Passionate about marine conservation, she leads a team dedicated to sustainable diving & snorkeling practices. With over 25 years of experience, Christine ensures every tour is an eco-friendly adventure, educating divers on preserving the underwater world.
ANDREOwner & Manager
Andre Miller, a Master Scuba Diver Trainer and marine biologist, co-owns Eco Dive Grenada. His expertise in marine ecosystems and passion for conservation drive the company’s eco-friendly approach. Andre’s dedication to educating divers on marine biology and environmental protection makes each dive an enriching experience.
NORLYNOffice Manager
As the Office Manager at Eco Dive Grenada, Norlyn is the heart of the operation, ensuring smooth running of the shop and providing exceptional care to guests. Her warmth and efficiency make every visitor feel welcome, while her organizational skills ensure a seamless diving experience for all.
RONPADI OW Scuba Instructor & Boat Captain
An Open Water Scuba Instructor at Eco Dive Grenada, Ron is known for his infectious smile and positive energy. With a passion for diving and teaching, he ensures every student feels confident and enjoys their underwater journey. His enthusiasm and expertise make every dive memorable.
KEONEPADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer
Not only is he a Master Scuba Diver Trainer at Eco Dive Grenada, Keone is also an excellent underwater photographer. His skill in capturing the beauty of the underwater world is unmatched, providing guests with stunning visual memories of their dive. His expertise enhances every dive experience.
WAYNEPADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Wayne is an Open Water Scuba Instructor at Eco Dive Grenada with has a special affinity for diving in the Grenada Sculpture Park. His passion for this unique underwater attraction shines through in his teaching, as he introduces divers to the beauty and significance of the sculptures with enthusiasm and expertise.
HANSELPADI Divemaster & Boat Captain
Hansel is known for his boundless energy that uplifts everyone’s mood. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his expertise ensures both safety and fun on every dive and boat trip. Hansel’s vibrant presence enhances the diving experience for all.
ALBERTBoat Captain & Snorkel Guide
A tour Boat Captain at Eco Dive Grenada, Albert is renowned for his smiley demeanour and expert guidance on snorkel tours. With a deep knowledge of the local waters, he ensures every guest has a safe and enjoyable experience, exploring the beauty of Grenada’s underwater world.
MARKIMPADI Divemaster & Snorkel Guide
Makim, a PADI Divemaster & Snorkel Guide at Eco Dive Grenada, has a passion for snorkeling in the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park. His love for this unique underwater attraction is evident as he expertly guides guests through the sculptures, ensuring an unforgettable snorkeling experience.
DENVERBoat Captain & Sailing Instructor
Denver brings expertise and enthusiasm to every ocean-bound adventure. His knowledge of the local waters and passion for teaching ensure that guests have a safe and enjoyable experience, whether they’re snorkeling in the marine park or learning to sail from Grand Anse beach.
DEXTONSnorkel Guide & Customer Service
A Snorkel Guide & Customer Service Representative at Eco Dive Grenada, Denton excels in providing exceptional customer service and memorable snorkeling experiences. His friendly demeanor and expertise in guiding ensure that every guest feels welcome and has a fantastic time exploring the underwater world.
SHEVONReservations & Customer Service
Shevon, who works in Reservations & Customer Service at Eco Dive Grenada, is known for her infectious laughter and ability to make people happy. Her cheerful attitude and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure that every guest’s experience is smooth and enjoyable from start to finish.
LIZCustomer Service
Liz works in the shop at Eco Dive Grenada taking care of you, our lovely customers! She brightens up the space with her cheery attitude. Her positive energy and friendly smile make every visit to the shop a pleasant and welcoming experience for guests and colleagues alike.
DIRKPADI Open Water Scuba Instructor
Dirk is a volunteer at Eco Dive Grenada and a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, who generously lends his time and expertise to help out. His dedication to diving education and his willingness to assist wherever needed make him a valuable asset to the team and a favourite among our guests.

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