• Sargassum is a brown algae natural to the Sargasso Sea and pelagic/offshore waters
  • Sargassum can be a problem when it builds up, however, it also has known potential in biogas generation, fertilizer and more

  • Small amounts on a beach will bury and stabilise the sand, this is a good thing. Large amounts cause problems for boats, decomposition and access etc.

  • Since 2011 the region is getting more sargassum seasonally due to increases in ocean nutrients and ocean temperatures

Sargassum, “the golden tide”, has come in to St George’s Grenada in the last 48 hours due to a westerly wind and wave period that has been bringing oceanic water into the leeward side of the island. For those of you trying to fly Easter kites you would have noticed, the wind is in reverse, this same wind brought the floating seaweed in to shore on the side of the island that normally does not see it.

Sargassum has been increasing in the region since 2011 and affects the windward side of the OECS islands primarily. With a change in tide and sea conditions Grand Anse Beach woke up to a surprise this morning so here’s a little more information to help us understand what we are looking at and why. Also some great resources and places to find out more …

University of the West Indies, CERMES at Cavehill Campus have been spearheading a regional SargAdapt programme over the last few years to gain more information, network and build capacity and resources for the region. Check out this Sargassum Sub-Regional Bulletin for the most up to date outlook predictions https://sargassum-outlook.web.app

Keeping it positive we encourage you to check out the video below on an innovative line of research happening on producing bio-methane from rum effluent and Sargassum. Locally in Grenada biogas has also been produced at True Blue resort using food waste and sargassum … #ObstacleVsOpportunity #ThinkOutsideTheBox #GoldenTide Find out more https://rumandsargassum.com

More resources to check out!

Thanks Eco Dive peeps for reading and learning with us.