May 2024

April 2024

Grenada Dive Experience: 50 Divers for our 50th, I want to participate!

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In celebration of Grenada’s 50th Independence, Eco Dive will be welcoming 50 Grenadians for an underwater adventure. We love what we do & we love Grenada’s diverse marine environment. Grenada is more sea than land, and we want to share “our office” with our fellow Grenadians. As a way of [...]

November 2023

A guest’s view … one of the first to see the new underwater sculptures in Grenada, a video tour

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  With the new sculptures in (see our last post 😉 ) we are off to the races and the experiences are individualised based on the guest, their activity (scuba or snorkel or Freedive) & Mother Nature. Check out his fun video made by our lovely guests Debbie and Hugh from last [...]

July 2023

PADI Certificates of Excellence … times 3!

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We are very proud of our team & excited to share that we've received our third PADI Certificate of Excellence in as many months. Grenada's natural environment is the foundation of our amazing diving, but, the experience in our beautiful island is compliments to our professional, friendly and amazing team members. We [...]

March 2022

Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease in Grenada & Carriacou

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A new coral disease threatening Grenada In 2014 a new virulent and deadly coral disease was identified in the northern Caribbean and became known as Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease, abbreviated SCTLD (referred to as 'skitle').  In Feb 2022 SCTLD has been potentially found in Carriacou (spotted and being confirmed via [...]

July 2020

Let’s get our dive on…

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WE ARE OPEN AND READY TO WELCOME YOU BACK!!! We are excited to share the news that we are re-opening to our local market. Our friends, family and guests currently in Grenada can make advanced bookings with us to enjoy our 'Out of this World' diving. With the pandemic far from [...]

May 2020

Wondering how you could support your favourite dive shop?

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The dive industry has been hit hard by this crisis. Many dive shops around the world, and in Grenada have been closed for over six (6) weeks. The Eco Crew are home staying safe and healthy doing our part to flatten the curve. Most physical operations are grounded, our equipment cleaned [...]

January 2020

Why Upgrade to Enriched Air (Nitrox)?

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Upgrade your dive training TODAY! Have you heard about diving with Enriched Air (Nitrox)? Well let's share some quick facts about diving on Nitrox; You'll spend a shorter amount of time on the surface between dives and more time underwater enjoying our 'Out of this world' #PureDivingGrenada You will be able [...]

October 2018

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