On Sept 25th after years of planning and a village of support the Tyrrel Bay is now a shipwreck for freedivers, beginner divers and advanced divers and specialty divers in training to share!

A huge accomplishment for Grenada and an excellent example of private public partnership AND a commitment to our marine environment moving forward. Tyrrel Bay is now Pure Grenada’s first fully cleaned shipwreck dive with the asbestos removed, all trash, loose debris, make safe welding and all oils and lubricants removed and properly disposed of. It has been a long road with many partners but our Marine Biologist Christine played an integral role in the momentum and advocacy and fundraising for the cleaning components. We are too proud for Grenada Carriacou and Eco Dive to have been a part of her story. She now sits along the edge of Boss reef at the sand drop off in 17 m of water at the stern and 7 m at the bow, excellent depth for our PADI Freedivers and adding a new beginner wreck with advanced appeal for our divers. On calm days she will even be accessible to snorkelers getting the whole family involved

Tyrrel Bay shipwreck-to-be, ASP Edwards from the Grenada Coast Guard and Leron Gabriel from Opixels media

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View from the bridge of the Tyrrel Bay before her sinking off of Boss Reef

More on her history is included in this local newspaper article by The Grenadian Voice on Oct 5th, 2018 ..

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Public Private Partnership success for Grenada and our marine environment!