For as much as we appreciate the beauty of the underwater world it is great to get divers in to help keep in that way! June 8th 2011!

In anticipation of World Oceans Day on June 8th Eco Dive is getting ready to celebrate with a new step forward and a PAWARE Clean up Dive (see some of our past clean ups here).  Clean-up dive is free for participants.  Get in touch soon to reserve your space!!

473-444-7777 or

We are committing to using only phosphate free soaps to help reduce our ecological imprint.  Many of the soaps available in stores are already phosphate free however not all and you have to read the labels to find out which ones are which.  A simple easy step we can all take to help reduce our effect on our beautiful planet. Non-chlorine bleach is next, this will be difficult to say the least in the Caribbean but it all starts with education and alterntatives!

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