Earth Day Underwater Clean-up Dive

Thank you to Paul, Denny and Marlon for their help with our successful Underwater Clean-up for Earth Day yesterday.  We collected 4 bags of mostly plastic drink bottles, snack packaging and old clothing.  Along the way there are some lovely things to see, reminding us why it is important to make the extra effort. 

stone fish hiding in the seagrass


small reef cluster off the beach in front of Eco Dive

Thank you Paul for joining us

Puplemouth Moray


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  1. Paul Decle April 26, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    It was my pleasure helping out with the clean up. Thanks to the whole crew at Eco Dive for a great weekend of diving, you guys run a very professional and well organized operation. Thanks again.
    Paul Decle.

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