MV Anina shipwreck diving Grenada

Our new March 2018 sunk wreck the MV Anina is developing into an awesome wreck dive with cool sideways swim throughs, regular schools of squid and angelfish, passing green eels and a blanket of cup corals on the bottom creating a wall of orange tentacles. A definite must see for advanced divers or a goal […]

SASS dive group welcome!

Here for the week and we are having a great time, thank you for joining us SASS divers … a sneak peak at some of the dives so far. Visiting our brand new clean and fresh Tyrrel Bay shipwreck …. look at all that space for colonising corals to come! … oh ya happy divers […]

MV Tyrrel Bay – NEW Shipwreck diving

On Sept 25th after years of planning and a village of support the Tyrrel Bay is now a shipwreck for freedivers, beginner divers and advanced divers and specialty divers in training to share! A huge accomplishment for Grenada and an excellent example of private public partnership AND a commitment to our marine environment moving forward. […]

Underwater Proposal at Eco Dive, Congrats Kezia & Kote!

We would like to congratulate and send all of our best wishes for a long and happy life together to Kezia & Kote who joined us for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience programme in Grenada recently. With the big surprise and decisions made privately the lovely couple took their news underwater to make a […]