I would like to say a big thank you to all of those who helped us rescue an injured Magnificient Frigatebird yesterday morning starting with our captain who took it upon himself to rescue the bird while the divers were down on Purple Rain enjoying a baby Manta Ray (oh yes we did, she was beautiful!!). Our divers and Coyaba Beach Resort guests were also a great help and very supportive of our crazy cause. Thank you GT, VS, Tony, Gwen and Jess.

It was an interesting afternoon getting the Magnificient Frigatebird settled and eating – just ask Laura or BR … hilarious!

Thank you to all the SGU peeps who helped over the phone – there were a lot of you! (SS, FI, ED, AT and more).

Final thank you to the YWF KIDO FOUNDATION who are taking our Frigatebird today and are going to nurse him back to health and to Osprey Lines Limited who took him on the ferry this morning for a steal of a deal.

A great way to kick off Earth day coming up next week Project AWARE Foundation

Grenada Eco Dive divers rescues Magnificient Frigatebird Earth Day 2015 Grenada Eco Dive divers rescue Frigatebird on way to Kido in Carriacou Grenada Eco Dive team rescue Magnificient Frigatebird Earth Day 2015 Pure Grenada