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Our People – Adrian PADI Divemaster, boat captain, DJ

Adrian has been with Eco Dive since 2006 and has worked his way from boat captain to PADI Divemaster and now has PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor in his sights.  This father and well known local DJ (King Turbo Sounds)  is a dedicated and ambitious team member and a great addition to our Eco Dive family.  Whether our hotel guests are diving, snorkeling, using our water sports equipment, or, whether our Port Louis guests are headed out on a tour with us or into Yolo, Port Louis’ on site wine bar and Friday night lime, all are sure to meet his smiling face.   We are very happy to feature Adrian today in our 40-day feature event and look forward to announcing his PADI OWSI and working with him in years to come.

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Dive Site – Bianca C, the “Titanic of the Caribbean
Dive profile 30m/100′ – 40m/133′
Ship depth 30 m at the bow, 55 m at the propeller

Known as the ‘Titanic of the Caribbean‘, the Bianca C is the southern Caribbean’s largest wreck, and Grenada’s most well known dive. After catching fire, caused by a boiler room explosion one fateful Sunday morning in St George’s harbour in 1961, this 600′ luxury liner burned for three days before being towed out to sea by a British naval vessel.  At the time of the explosion Bianca C was carrying a full passenger load with crew. Thankfully all passengers were rescued save for two staff members who lost their lives as a result of the explosion.  The Grenadian people came together and used whatever vessels were available to ensure that everyone got to shore safely.  Displaced passengers were put up in schools, churches and private homes while alternate transport was arranged.  The true Grenadian spirit and hospitality shone through and families, homes and arms were opened up to these surprise visitors.

Bianca C was originally built in France in the mid 1940’s and carried the name “La Marseilles”.  Torpedoed while being built by the Germans the Bianca C interestingly has actually sunk twice, the second being her last and final resting place off our Grenada.  With a change of ownership and a change of name in the 50′ s “La Marseilles” became one of the Italian Costa cruise line fleet and was renamed for an owners daughter the Bianca. was towed out to sea where she sank, settling upright in 160 feet of water. The normal dive profile ranges from 100′, where the intact bow section looms into view, down to her mid-section, where divers may float into her on-deck swimming pool and resting place of her 50th anniversary plaque.

Seen below Christine with our PADI Regional Manager Mike K., some of our friends from other local dive centres and Scuba Radio personalities laying the 50th anniversary plaque in the swimming pool. Oct. 2011

eco dive grenada Bianca C 50th anniversary
Eco Dive scuba diving in Grenada Bianca C
scuba diving in Grenada with Eco on Bianca C

As a gesture of thanks from the Italian Government for Grenada’s assistance and generosity to Bianca’s guests after the rescue a statue was donated of a Christ of the Abyss which was placed in the St George’s Harbour. Now seen standing on the Carenage this statue faces out to sea to bless all those sea travelers who journey in and out of our waters. Later in 2011 to mark the 50th anniversary a model of the Christ of the Abyss, known as the Christ of the Deep, was made by local artist Troy Lewis and sits in our renowned Underwater Sculpture Park.  Seen below are the original Chirst of the Abyss in the background with the underwater sculpture version in the foreground seen before the sinking in 2011. For more information on the sculpture park see  HERE

Christ of the Deep with its namesake in the Carenage

After burning for 3 days and then spending over five decades under water the Bianca C is no longer used for wreck penetration dives due to deck collapse and metal fatigue.  However, the Bianca C still provides a stunning dive that will impress the best of us with her sheer size for one and the impressive encrusting hard and soft corals, sponges spread over the relic smokes stakes, corridors, hallways, decks and masts.  With barracuda, spotted eagle rays and schools of jacks spotted regularly and currents ranging from quite light to very strong this old giant is a real treasure for Grenada and a bucket list dive for any advanced or shipwreck enthusiast.  If or when 🙂 you visit us in Grenada be sure to get in touch in advance to ask about our mysterious Caribbean Titanic and please keep in mind that due to the depth, free descent and variable currents check out dives are typically required.

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scuba diving in Grenada with Eco

Feature Creature – Barracuda (Sphyraena barracuda)

Barracudas are common open water and mid water reef predators in Grenada. With a long silvery sleek body and a nasty under bite and set of sharp teeth these curious and clever fish carry a reputation for being dangerous – however are nothing of the sort and a highlight on many of our local dives. With a tendency to follow divers, stare us down and to open and close their mouths suggestively they are simply amusing themselves with the show (we are quite a show bubbles, tanks, awkard swimmers, with noise makers and flashing cameras) and helping to pump water over their gills to breathe. Barracudas are often seen in schools as juveniles and as solitary fish as adults they are opportunistic predators with a wide range of fish for diet and are competitive and happy to steal a meal from a hunting mackerel or jack. Reaching up to 27mph over short bursts easily tracking their prey these formidable reef hunters are fun to watch and be watched by. There are over 27 species of Barracuda in all but the most commonly sighted in Grenada is the Greater Barracuda reaching maximum sizes of over 5.5 ft.

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