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Grenada’s Best Scuba Diving

When it comes to fantastic Caribbean Scuba diving, Grenada has it all. Whether shallow or deep; over wrecks, walls or gorgeous reefs; in calm Caribbean waters or drifting through swift Atlantic currents, Grenada’s Scuba diving is sure to please divers of every level of expertise.

A dazzling aquarium of tropical fish and brilliant coral (including lots of soft corals) thrive on our reefs. The underwater kaleidoscope of colours, shapes and textures, swirling with countless adult and juvenile fish species makes for great critter hunting, underwater photography, PADI specialty training in corals, fish, and marine habitats with one of our marine biologists or just fantastic nice and easy fun diving. We have options for all experience levels and we love to cater our dive packages to suit our guests. With two boats and a personal preference for small dive groups per team members we have the flexibility to help you plan the best dive trip for you.  Get in touch in advance and let us know how we can help get you your favourite dives, Pure Diving, in Pure Grenada.

manta ray in shallow waters

Abundant pelagic life includes eagle rays, reef sharks, and resident nurse sharks who shelter under overhangs or sleep in groups on the decks of sunken freighters. Manta rays migrate through this area, feeding in plankton-rich offshore currents, and sea turtles are common, as Grenada’s sandy beaches are a major nesting area for Leatherbacks, Greens and Hawksbills.

Submarine topography features undulating plateaus, sand chutes, pinnacles, sloping shelves, coral-encrusted canyons and dramatic drop-offs over ‘bottomless’ walls.

The Isle of Spice also offers a fascinating variety of deep and shallow wrecks, including the 600′ cruise ship Blanca C, the largest and most awe-inspiring wreck dive in the Caribbean.

An exciting day trip, Grenada’s undeveloped archipelago of Isle De Ronde features spectacular fish life, untouched reefs, dramatic sea-scapes, a stalactite-decorated cavern, and underwater percussion from nearby ‘Kick Em Jenny’. the Caribbean’s most active submarine volcano.

Some of the finest Grenada dive sites lie just off Eco Dive’s Grand Anse Beach location, only a few minutes ride in our speedy, comfortable boats. The island’s beautiful, protected reefs are also ideal for night dives and snorkel trips. Truly, this is Caribbean Scuba Diving at its best!

In 2016 Eco Dive were proud to launch our new dive boat, locally designed and built, “it takes a village” applies here too. So much talent and expertise in Pure Grenada our new addition appropriately named the “Nutmeg Princess” is styling up Grand Anse Beach and encompasses our version of Pure Diving. Finishing touches underway – let’s be honest all the time it’s a boat 🙂 – we look forward to welcoming you in new local style.

dive boat locally built Nutmeg Princess

Nutmeg Princess & her Eco Dive crew