Keeping involved in research initiatives and supporting our academic colleagues at the local St George’s University is important to our Eco Dive team, especially with such a beautiful marine environment at our back door.  Extra exciting when our contributions assist in a publication and getting the work out to the scientific community!

Congratulations to Ethan Woodyard et al. (including our very own Christine!) and a local special thank you to Dr David Marancik for being a fantastic research partner and keeping Grenada work active on the ground and in international collaborations.

Kudoa hypoepicardialis and associated cardiac lesions in invasive red lionfish Pterois volitans in Grenada, West Indies”

for full article please click HERE

To learn more about our local invasive Lionfish populations, how to catch them on scuba (or more advanced while Freediving), how to safely handle their spine removal, use of zookeepers etc please drop by and ask any of our instructors. Our certified divers cull regularly and they make a delicious guilt-free protein 😎