Cruise Ship Trekking in Grenada, feedback…

Received Jan 2010 – Thank you for the feedback anonymous! … have a look

“This tour was exceptional because Don & Darrell were very competent, friendly, knowledgeable, and friendly – Don told us about himself and his family, history of Grenada – politics, Hurricane Ivan, the cricket stadium and much much more. Darrell is knowledgeable about plants, herbs & spices – we smelled cinnamon and also saw nutmeg – cocoa beans – both inside & out – identified flowers. Pointed out breadfruit, nutmeg, guava. The hike & waterfalls were exhilarating.
This was an adventure – memorable, challenging, energizing – we learned about Grenada – met some Grenadians as well as fellow participants from around the world – and we were comfortable – Thanks!”

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