SGU Advanced OW



PADI’s Advanced Open Water course is an awesome 2+ day course that requires the PADI Open Water diver or equivalent Open Water certification from another certification agency as a prerequisite. This course can be completed immediately after succesful completion of the Open Water course and this one is a 5 dive course with no written exam! Of the 5 dives 2 are required Deep and Underwater Navigator then the diver gets to pick in discussion with their scuba instructor an additional 3 elective dives. Again, there is no exam for this course (which we know our SGU students will appreciate) however there is a reference text with knowledge reviews and there are in water skills/exercises that will be completed with your instructor.

Your SGU ID will be required on sign in along with your PADI Open Water certification card. Divers for your own comfort as well should have been diving in the last 6-12 months to start the Advanced. If it has been longer than that, no problem, but we recommend starting with a refresher first just let us know when you book and we can build this into your schedule.

Scheduling things to keep in mind:
– Deep dives happen first thing in the morning typically and not as the first dive of your course
– Fish ID is a lot of fun and we have the reference books and of course our in house marine biologists to make this even more appropriate. Wanna know what you are looking at or want to learn more about the crazy personal family lives of fish? this is for you
– Bianca C is an awesome dive but too deep for the deep dive of your course, we will start with something in the 80-100 ft range which includes a whole list of options like shipwrecks Anina or Shake’m and reef dives like Happy Valley, Whibbles, Windmill, Red Buoy etc.
– Navigation dives are easiest to arrange in the afternoon as would be PPB or Search and Recovery
– If a night dive is selected as one of the electives a $20 US supplement will apply and can be paid in office, these need to be booked in advance to get min numbers on the same schedule – but they are so worth it! Veronica L for instance with all the cup corals makes a wicked night dive
– each dive in your advanced can be used toward a specialty training course, which in turn can be credited toward a Master Diver certification. Interested in finding out more just ask!