100% AWARE

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Eco Dive is proud to be a 100% Project AWARE partner. To honour this commitment we make a $10 USD donation on behalf of every scuba diving and freediving student we certify to the Project AWARE Foundation for Ocean Protection. We love what we do and acknowledge that without our amazing underwater world our jobs would be much different. What we have in our oceans is a gold mine and we love to share that experience with our guests. It is only fair to give back and Project AWARE offers a great opportunity for us and our scuba students to do so weekly!

100% AWARE partners and our PADI guests make a big difference by contributing vital funds to protect the ocean planet.  Our ongoing contributions support many programmes including:

  • Marine Debris Prevention: we’re collecting data and removing devastating debris worldwide while tackling policy efforts to address long-term solutions.
  • Shark Protection: securing protection for the world’s most vulnerable shark species. Together, we’re strengthening shark finning bans and closing policy loopholes in countries that matter most.

Thank you to all of our students and guests who have helped us donate over $6500 USD toward ocean conservation!

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