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Day 14: Featuring DM intern Zaidy, Dive Site Grand Anse Beach & Feature Creature the Manta Ray

Our People – Zaidy. Marine Biologist & PADI Divemaster intern Zaidy, a M.Sc. Marine Biologist, has been in Grenada for a few years and we are very happy to feature her here today. Having just celebrated a birthday with us last week and about to leave us (briefly right?!) for her next adventure completing an […]

Day 13: Featuring Claire, Dive Site Shark Reef & Feature Creature the Southern Stingray

    Our People – Claire, PADI MSDT Claire, a previous Eco Dive team member, joined us in 2012 and was one of the familiar faces for many of our guests and scuba diving students over the last two years. Now sporting the high heels and pressed shirt look (woohoo!) our guests may run into […]

Day 12: Featuring Adrian a.k.a. Turbo, Dive Site the Bianca C & Feature Creature the Barracuda

  Our People – Adrian PADI Divemaster, boat captain, DJ Adrian has been with Eco Dive since 2006 and has worked his way from boat captain to PADI Divemaster and now has PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor in his sights.  This father and well known local DJ (King Turbo Sounds)  is a dedicated and […]

Day 11: Featuring the Grenada Lionfish Project, the Invasive Grenada Lionfish & Dive Site Red Buoy

  Feature Creature – the Invasive Caribbean Lionfish Power of the ‘Spice Isle Lion’ A closer look at Grenada’s invasive Lionfish and what we are doing to help. A piece written by Christine for Grenada at a Glance Lions in Grenada?  Well to the disappointment of most childrens’ imaginations and to the relief of our […]

A great little video on the impacts of coral bleaching and how quickly reefs can change

Really interesting video on coral bleaching and the impact this has on reef systems. This example showing reefs in Fiji but these situations occur globally.  Shared with us from our contacts and friends at the Coral Reef Alliance and their contacts all over the world. A nice and quick educational piece … have a look: